Continuous Sheet Roller Door

Gliderol Series A Roller Doors

Finely counterbalanced for smooth, silent and effortless manual operation, our Gliderol continuous sheet roller door can be slotted or pin-holed for vision and ventilation.


Gliderol Series A Roller Doors are designed for commercial and residential use. Available in both manual and automatic models, these doors are suitable for openings up to 6 m wide x 3m high is a single panel. For wider openings or if desired, a series of smaller width doors can be fitted, linked by removable centre mullions.

In Commercial application, the Gliderol door is excellent as shop-front doors. Its colorbond finish gives a softer appearance and is less "industrial" looking. With a choice of standard colours and the flexibility of "colour-play", these doors will fit into any shop-front decor. Its operation is quiet and smooth, and requires so little effort that the lady shop staff will definitely appreciate. Locking is ergonomically located at waist level.

In Residential application, the door makes an ideal garage door. With built-in radio receiver, it is the most convenient and cost-effective remote-control garage door available. The control box features push-button controls for operation within the garage. It also has a remarkably bright light panel which activates automatically whenever the door is operated. This is a useful garage light which switches off after 3 to 4 minutes. Manually operated garage doors are also available.