Louvred Roller Shutters

The only roll-up louvred door system available in the market, our patented Gliderol Louvred Roller Shutters offer excellent ventilation while keeping out the weather.

The Gliderol Aluminium Louvred Shutter is a conveniently operable louvred facade. In today's global push towards 'Green' building designs, louvred facades are increasingly being used to provide natural ventilation and lighting. Our louvred shutter can come in handy where any portion of the facade needs to be an operable door opening. It is also ideal for use in openings that are traditionally closed by louvred hinged doors, like electrical substations and switch rooms.

The door curtain material can also be used as a cost-effective fixed façade cladding, minus the operating components. It has the added advantage of being able to achieve wider spans, thus reducing the number of mullions and transoms needed by conventional louvred facade systems.

Note: Singapore Patent No. 152936, US Patent Nos. 7,370,862 B2 and 7,770,623 B2. Patents lodged and pending in many other countries.

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    Louvred Shutter with Integrated Passdoor
  • Security Shutters
    Close-up view of Louvred Shutter(in closed position)