Sectional Overhead Door

Gliderol Sectional Overhead Door

With upward and over-sliding doors with insulated door panels, our Gliderol Sectional Overhead Door provides excellent all-round weather sealing and is ideal for pharmaceutical and clean-room type facilities.


This sectional door is designed for openings where heat or sound insulation is required, and also for closing the larger openings required for industrial buildings. With rising energy costs, the need for effective insulation has become more relevant.

Designers are increasingly opting for upward-acting doors for their buildings instead of sliding systems, for greater efficiency in door operation as well as to avoid having to provide for the sliding space required at the sides of the openings. With increasing emphasis on safety, an upward-acting door needs to be equipped with features and devices that will reduce the possibility of the door falling and causing injury or damage to property. The Gliderol Sectional Overhead Door offers all these, and more. It has superb counterbalancing and are fitted with various anti-break devices to eliminate any foreseeable failures that could happen.

Incorporating the doors into the openings is made easier with the flexibility of routing the door-travel to suit. The S-Lift drives the door up-and-over, resting parallel to the ceiling. The H-lift offers the option of driving the door higher up before turning. This is useful in buildings with higher headroom, and where you need to avoid wall-mounted fittings like electrical trunkings and crane beams. And if lots of head room is available, the V-lift drives the door straight up, resting neatly along the wall.

The Gliderol Sectional Overhead Door is available in various standard colours, or even painted in your corporate colour. A personnel access swing door can be incorporated into the door leaf. Options like viewing windows and glass lites are also available.

Technical Specifications

Door Section And Hardware

Door description Heavy-duty Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors
Door sections 500mm high sandwich sections 42mm thk, with 0.5mm thk stucco-embossed steel outer and inner skins
Insulation foam CFC-free process injected polyurethane foam
Insulation value through section U-value 0.5W/m²K
Acoustic insulation R = Approx. 22dB
Door tracks 2.0mm thk rolled-formed galvanised steel track
Counterbalancing springs Helically wound oil tempered stress relieved torsion springs

Electrical Drive

Drive Direct or via sprocket and chain driven by side-mounted gearmotor
Motor rating 500 W
Motor torque 100 Nm
Operator reduction ratio 45:1
Voltage 400 V 3 phase
Current 2.8A
Protection rating IP54

Optional Accessories Manual chain operation
Radar (Motion Detectors)
Magnetic loop
Radio receiver & transmitters
Traffic or flashing lights