Premium Aluminium Roller Grille

Unconventional roller grilles designed with full-length transoms and hinging vertical links that ensure the curtain will not skew and jam in the guides, our premium aluminium roller grilles will not sag after an extended period of usage, which is a common problem faced by users of conventional roller grilles.


GLIDEROL 'Premium' Aluminium Roller Grilles are suitable for use in openings of up to 6m wide x 5m high. It employs the same design principles and components as the Roller Door, except for the curtain material. Unlike the conventional Roller Grille systems, the horizontal transomes are full length solid aluminium sections which, together with the strong, snug-fitting vertical links, enables the door to span beyond 3 metres without sagging. The links are also designed with a limited hinging arc to eliminate jamming of the door due to link displacement.

In commercial application, the doors are used in shop-fronts to allow shoppers to view products and display even when the shops are closed. In residential properties, it is used as a remote-controlled front gate cum garage door or as a retractable security grilles to glass windows and doors.

Available in natural, light bronze or black anodised finish.


The GLIDEROL 'Premium' Aluminium Roller Grilles is architecturally specified as a Roller Grille system constructed of proprietary-designed extruded aluminium sections of varying thickness of between 2 mm to 3 mm. The horizontal transomes shall be single-length extrusions spaced vertically at 100mm centres and designed to receive the two adjacent row of vertical links in a socket-like manner. The vertical links shall be 20mm wide and spaced at 150 mm apart. They shall be curved, with mating ends fitting snugly into the transome's sockets. The drum assembly shall consist of a torque-tube containing suitably graded oil-tempered torsion springs capable of optimum counter-balance. The whole system shall be capable of operating smoothly without jamming due to link displacement.

The door curtains shall have vertical links arranged in lattice/brick* pattern. It shall be natural/ light bronze/ black* anodised finished to a minimum of 20 microns.

Electrically operated Roller Grilles shall be as above described but containing a proprietary motor operator installed within the door roll. The control box shall feature push-button controls and a built-in auto-stop safety device. The system must be convertible to manual operation at arm's reach and have remote control and power back-up capabilities.

Note:- Radio remote control or other special operating requirements should be specifically stated. A manufacturer's warranty certificate with the desired warranty period should be obtained.